All about YOU

Who-are-youI was lead to believe blogging is an art and that we should follow a certain direction. It should be well written, free of grammatical error, have a fraction of humor, and talk about pressing topics – like education. I read up all the rules, did my research and decided – I do not like rules. I do not want to write someone else’s blog. This is MY BLOG and it should be what I want to say to YOU.
Just like this is YOUR life and hence this life should be about YOU. Now to make sense of your career (which is an important aspect of life) you need to, first, understand the most important aspect –  YOU. You are essentially a product of Your Own Understanding of things around you.
The most common mistake that students and parents make when choosing a career or course is that they take into account all factors such as Rankings, Salary packages, Country, Costs – everything but ignore the YOU.
We essentially base our decisions on what we hear from others. When I say others I broadly mean Ranking tables, Newspapers, Professionals and even Neighbors. But we ignore the most significant factor – YOU.
YOU are different from everyone else, and that is a truth we cannot and should not ignore. You have to live the life based on decisions made today. The least you should do is make these decisions based on YOU. Your favorite color is not the same as yours best friend’s favorite color and your choice of career most certainly cannot be.
My advice – find time to research, and the topic of research should be YOU.
We are an end result of our circumstances. This means that your circumstances shape your understanding. What is right for you may not be correct for another. You make your decisions based on your Needs, which are different from someone else’s need. Your need defines your destination and therefore the path that you need to take to reach it. When none of these are same, how then can your career be the same? Now even if I were to take this in isolation, you and your best friend have indeed arrived at the same career choice, let me assure you that your paths cannot be identical, because here too your own choices , likes and dislikes come into play, which are very individualistic.
So my question is – do you agree that you are indeed YOU – essentially made up of Your Own Understanding? The question for parents – do you agree that your child is indeed NOT YOU?
If YOU do, then wait for my next blog and I shall help decode YOU some more!!

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